Money Management with Binary Options

It is something you have probably heard time and time again, but one of the most important rules of investing is not to invest more than you can afford to lose. However, it is still a point which needs to be made, if only to make you aware that as many people lose when they trade binary options as they do win. Before you begin trading in binary options, you should ensure that you have a money management plan in place, and that this plan is well thought out.

If you only use surplus income, rather than money that should be used for your essential living expenses, it won’t matter too much if you do lose money at first. A good plan that is followed by many successful traders is to set aside no more than 10% of your disposable income for your monthly trades. This will ensure that any losses are kept to a minimum. When you become more confident and start to become more successful, you can increase the amount of that you trade to between 20 and 30 percent of the income that you have available.

You do not have to use all of your income in one trade. For example, if your disposable income is $1000, then you will have up to $100 to trade with. You can put this all on one trade, or make two trades of $50 or four trades of $25 for example. Using these figures, even if you were to lose the trades that you make, you would still have $900 available, but if you were to win then this figure would rise to $1100.

More trades can be made during the month when you are only using small amounts of money, and this can help you get the practice you need without risking too much of your money. The longer the period that you can trade over, the more chance you have of finishing with more money than you started with. It can help if you chart your results as this will give you a clear picture of your current position, and can help you decide whether you need to increase or decrease the amount that you are trading with. Following this strategy can help you increase the amount of money you have to invest month by month, which means you are able to generate more income.

China Boots U.S. From Top Position in the Global E-Commerce Market

Nearly twenty years after the first e-commerce transaction, the U.S. no longer holds the lead position in the market. Instead, Asian markets have created a stronghold which is not likely to weaken in the near future, due to their focus on internet superiority and access to broad consumer purchasing power.

It is China’s focus on digital infrastructure which has propelled them into the top position in the global e-commerce market –substantiated by one of the more recent reports prepared by the CNNIC (China Internet Network Informative Centre). This report noted China’s staggering $439 million take for this industry alone, equating to just over 7% of their GDP for 2014.

As previously stated, much of the credit for China’s sudden move toward the top in the e-commerce market is attributed to the government’s commitment to their digital infrastructure, but is it is a calculated developmental program which began as a Five-Year Plan in 2011, whose focus includes the continual development of faster and more reliable internet speeds. As a result, China has been able to grow their share of the e-commerce business over the course of the last few years, now being home to four of the Top 10 internet companies worldwide.

Within those four monumentally successful companies is the notable e-commerce business Alibaba, who has taken the lion’s share of the 361 million customers who purchased goods and services in 2014 through e-commerce sites. According to CNNIC, the number of online shoppers in China continues to grow year on year.

Additional statistics provided by CNNIC include the fact that 20% of consumer demand was fulfilled through e-commerce sites, and that mobile phones have taken over as the preferred platform for completing purchases. With 594 million Chinese nationals available to use their smart phones to access e-commerce through the internet, this ends up being an 87% increase in purchasing during the Five-year Plan, compared with the previous years, dating 2005 through 2010.

Qin An, an expert in cyber-security associated with the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy stated that it was China’s “favorable policies and competitive enterprises” which led to them becoming the leader in e-commerce. He also noted that while China followed the world’s trend, they also were aware that their innovations would need to continue, as protection was needed to “protect digital websites from hackers” who target China due to their positioning in the market.

Despite the claims by China’s researchers, however, the U.S. still maintains that they hold the number-one global position in the e-commerce market. Statistica, a U.S. research company, released contradictory data, stating that American revenue is this sector has generated billions of dollars, as opposed to the millions China has logged. If the results from Statistica are accurate, that would leave the U.S. holding the number one position – at least for now.

Beginners Guide – What are binary options?

Trading in options is a lot like betting on the outcome of a sports event. You put your money down, and you predict who will come out on top. When you trade binary options, you put your money down, you pick an asset to trade on, and then you try to predict the value of that asset after a certain amount of time has passed. This is a lot different from standard investing where a person or company purchases an asset or commodity, and then trades it again when prices of that asset or commodity mean they can do so at a profit.

But there are also some significant differences. When you trade in binary options, you don’t actually own the asset or commodity. You are only trying to predict what the value of that asset or commodity will be at the end of a given amount of time. If you are right you get money back, if you are wrong, you don’t get anything back. Binary options traders are given groups of commodities and assets to pick from. These groups include foreign currency, precious metals, foodstuffs, oil and gas, plus a whole lot more.

For example, a binary options trader might choose to trade on the value of gold. Gold prices fluctuate a lot, and the trader will try to predict how much the price of gold will rise or fall in a certain amount of time. At the end of that given amount of time, if that trader has predicted correctly, they get back a return. The trader can also choose to try and predict the behaviour of foreign currencies, compared against the US dollar, or other foreign currencies. If that currency drops or rises in value like the trader predicted it would, they get a return on what they put down. When a trader predicts an asset or commodity will rise in value they use the term “call”. When they predict that the value of the asset will drop the term they use is “put”.

If a person wants to start trading in binary options, there are a couple options available. The first option means signing with a binary options trading company. You can create and fund your own binary options trading account and start trading almost immediately. There are a lot of these kinds of companies out there, and some are better than others. Don’t just hop on with the first company you find, try to do a little comparison shopping first. Different companies mean different rates, and while some companies will try to give a little back to the trader who lost out, most will not return or refund any of your money if your trades don’t go well.

You can also choose to retain the services of a binary options broker. This person will help you decide which assets or commodities you want to trade on and how much you want to invest in them. This person will also monitor the asset or commodity for you over the given time frame, and will share in a percentage of your profits if you do well. Therefore most binary options brokers are driven to help you succeed, because your success and financial gain is also partly their success and financial gain.

Trading in binary options might not be for everyone. But if you have the desire to figure out how the price of gold is determined, or the value of the dollar against the Euro, then binary options trading might just be right for you. It involves a lot of work and research, following the stock market, and monitoring the prices of assets and commodities around the world. However if you do well in binary options your reward might well be worth the time and money you have spent to get started.

The Basic Tools for Successful Binary Trading

Binary options market may seem complex, yet they are very simple and easy to understand. Traders do not find it hard to start, because they can easily understand how the market works. There are different types of binary options, but the familiar and the most common include the high low option. This method is very easy to comprehend. Sometimes, it is regarded as the fixed return option. When you invest in this type of market, you would have access to such trades as stocks and indices, as well as foreign exchange market and commodities markets.

For many investors, it is not difficult to trade binary options market. You are not even required to have prior experience before you can succeed as a trader. If you follow the following basic guidelines, you would not find it hard to start.

  1. If you want to become successful, with this financial assets market, it is better that you use more than one broker. Check our list and select one or two of them.
  2. When you have selected your brokers, the next thing you have to do is to register an account with any platform of your choice, where you can also deposit your money. Some platforms set their minimum deposits to be one hundred dollars.
  3. Choose the asset you want to trade. Various platforms have various assets, which you can trade which include currencies, commodities, indices, as well as stocks. If you want to trade currencies, you can choose the EUR/USD pair, they are the most popular pair on the market.
  4. You have to make a choice about the right amount you want to invest in that market. If you want to make your investment in an asset, it is possible to see the result or the payout increase by about ninety-one percent.

You have to make your own predictions of the price movement. When you envisage that the asset price would be on the increase, then you have execute a Call trade. If on the other hand that you expect the opposite, then you have to enter to Put trade.

The trade must end at the expiration of its time. If the time were for sixty seconds investment, at the end of sixty seconds it would end. If at the close of the trade that you make a correct prediction then you have won the market, but when you failed to predict the market or you lose, then you have lost the market. If you win the market and your investment is $100, and a payout of ninety percent, then you would make $90 from that trade.

Best binary options brokers recommended for you:

Banc De Binary: many people like this broker because of the wonderful platforms they offer to investors. The platform provides its users different types of options such as forex, commodities, stocks as well as indices. Moreover, if you are looking for brokers that use binary option software, you have to choose them.
Boss Capital: this broker is unique because of the great trading platforms it provides for its traders. The platform acts as a liaison between the various financial categories and clients. It users derive enormous benefits from using the platform.
OptionFair: this is another great broker that offers traders the opportunities to make enormous money. You are sure of a reliable and safe profit when you use their platform. Both experienced and beginner traders found this platform profitable.
OptionTime: this offers its clients many investment options, which are good for different categories of traders. Advanced traders who know how to apply advanced trading software can make lots of money from the platform.

Facts about trading option

There are different variations of the binary options market, and you can trade anyone of your choice. The simplest among them as said earlier is the high low call put. This is the simplest market to trade. Investors simply have to predict whether the price of the trade would go up or come down within the specific time. Traders can decide to enter trade and that is when they are convinced that the trade would be up and enter into a put position when the trade would be down.

The easiest trade that you can execute is the Call/Put. These two options are the most simple. What the investor needs to do is to predict the outcome of the price movement whether it would be high or it would be low within the specified time. If he believes that the price would be up he can select Call, but when it thinks that the price movement would be down, then he can select Put option.

Another type of action you should be familiar with is One Touch concept. This happens when the investor is able to predict successfully that the price would touch a particular value before the given time expires.

An example of One Touch Option, assuming that an investor was trading on EUR/USD and the value is put at 1.3500 and this is on a Friday. A platform such as 24Option and Banc de Binary can provide two different options for investors. The first option call be the call option, which means that it is likely that there would be an increase in price of that asset and can rally up to 1.3800 within the coming week. He can select the Put option when he is sure that the price would be down by at least 1.3200 within the coming week. Whether you select the Call or put action, you will win the market once it reaches that price.

Another important concept you must know is the No touch concept. This concept is not quite different from CALL and Put, the only difference is that in this case you must mention a price, which that asset must never touch within the period.

Thirty seconds trading. This implies that there is always be a price increase or fall and that has to be within the period of thirty seconds.

Option Plus Some brokers provide this option; the difference here is that it can be purchased back. This option is often seen in terms in and out of money, but is regarded as both of them.

Boundary options This is an option market, and it provides boundaries of upper and the lower definition and the rate cannot be restricted within the boundary.

Binary option trading is a great way of making money on the internet, and it involves trading of price variables. It is a global market. However, the market could be rewarding, but it has its risks as well. You have to be familiar with all these things.

U.K’s FCA Not Happy With Credit Card Companies

The credit card industry in the UK is a multi – billion pound industry that continues to expand rapidly according to a City of London watchdog. Their report stated that around 60 % of Britons had at least one credit card each. There is at least £61 billion of debt held on the credit cards held within the UK.

The Financial Control Authority (FCA) conducted a further study on credit cards and their use in the UK. As a result of this study, which shows that the bulk of card holders in the UK adhere to the finance companies’ policy of having a monthly minimum payment.

Unfortunately because of the increasing rates of interest charged on credit cards the amount debt held upon them has reached huge proportions.

The FCA has expressed its disappointment to the credit card companies about their lack of willingness to educate their customers about how to avoid debts. Companies should inform customers about ways to repay their debts sooner and owe less money over all. They often fail to allow customers to make flexible repayments that make debt levels worse.

The watchdog report highlighted that two million card holders had already defaulted on the debts held on their cards, whilst many others had missed some repayments, or paid late. Credit companies often take legal action against defaulters, action that makes the vicious circle worse. Instead the FCA wants companies to talk to customers having difficulties and make arrangements to avoid court action.

Minimum payments are a dangerous things for many card holders, according to Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert as it means it takes many years for them to pay only tiny amounts off the debts held on cards.

Lewis and the FCA have similar ideas on how the level of card debt can be reduced, mainly by the expansion of flexible repayment options. These options get people out of debt sooner as well as avoiding expensive and counter productive legal action.

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